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Nov 12, 2018

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On today's show is Terri Dimatteo - a New Jersey Licensed Professional Counselor.

Terri is a relationship and couples counselor at Open Door Therapy in Westfield, New Jersey. She helps individuals and couples 'find their way back' in their most important relationship and specializes in helping couples in the aftermath of an affair.

Over the years Terri has developed a revolutionary new approach to understanding infidelity.

She presented a talk "A Clinical Approach to Helping Couples Cope With Infidelity" to the New Jersey Association of Women Therapists.

You can learn more about Terri by visiting her website

[1] or her Facebook page "Open Door Therapy".

Follow Terri on Twitter: @opendoortherapy

[2] Terri's views on relationships and affairs can be found on her blog LoveBONDS

Tune in to listen.